Why are German airports better than American ones?

And just to add a dash of insult to injury, one TSA agent even had the audacity to tell me, “Slow down,” as I was dashing like Usain Bolt to the gate. I almost responded with an expletive over my shoulder. Luckily for us, we didn’t miss the flight — only because our pilot was an hour late.

Now, compare the experience of landing in Newark to landing in Frankfurt, Germany. I was flying Lufthansa (whose in-flight service I highly recommend). The plane was very late, and I was afraid of missing my connection to Poland. But, I shouldn’t have worried. As soon as my feet were on the ground, a Lufthansa agent was waiting to meet me at the gate. He shuttled several other passengers and me in a special vehicle just for us. He drove us to passport control, then to the security checkpoint. We made our flight on time, with a few minutes to spare.

That incredible customer service, combined with Frankfurt’s congenial security personnel, has guaranteed my lifelong loyalty to Lufthansa.

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