Should Christie resign as head of the RGA?

Now, the RGA might find itself in a tough spot if further allegations of Christie’s withholding Hurricane Sandy funds, along with on-going Bridgegate investigations, have any “legs.”

If that turns out to be the case, combined with more drip-dripping of damaging news, there will no doubt be Republican governors and gubernatorial candidates on the 2014 ballot who will start running for cover when Christie comes-a-callin’ to offer “help.”

In fact, we saw such a scenario play out this past weekend in Florida.

All the local news stories focused on how Governor Rick Scott “hid Christie,” and neglected to have any photo-ops with him. Meanwhile, Democrats protested Christie’s appearance garnering much media attention. Those protests distracted from the true intention of the visit, which was to raise funds and support Governor Scott in his tough battle against newly-minted Democrat and former Republican Governor Charlie Crist.