The liberal-enthusiasm bubble is about to burst

Fortunately, most Americans get that, as reflected in the rise and fall of Obama’s standing with all voters.

His approval ratings hit about 70 percent in his first year but stood at 38 percent at the end of his fifth year. Millions of Americans concluded he is not the president they believed they were buying. In effect, they realized they overpaid.

Now they are selling and his stock is tumbling. It is down by more than 40 percent as Hope & Change has given way to incompetence and ObamaCare.

Nearing their crash, financial and political bubbles share another feature. As the Yale authors put it, the “hinge point” reflects the irrational fury of investors who try to silence nonbelievers.

That moment is upon us with liberalism’s bubble.

Dare to doubt Obama and you are demonized by him and his followers.