Has the ObamaCare surge continued into 2014?

Connecticut was indeed at 36,000 in December. At the end of November the figure was 11,631. So again, December was a big month with over 24,000 enrolled. Connecticut actually released new figures today. Halfway through January the enrollment total is now 43,840. That’s a bump of about 8,000. Double that and we’re looking at perhaps 16,000 new enrollees this month. That’s pretty good but it’s also a 33 percent drop off from December.

“New York has been enrolling about 7,000 people per day in private plans and Medicaid in January, she said, compared with a total of about 230,000 from October 1 through late December.”

New York was at 157,000 enrolled in private plans as of December 28th. That’s up from 45,000 in November. That works out to 112,000 in December alone. As of midnight Sunday (Dec. 12th) New York was reporting 294,000 enrolled, a figure which includes Medicaid enrollees. If New York maintains the 62-38 private vs. Medicaid split it had in December, Sunday’s private plan total would be around 182,000. That means they picked up about 26,000 in two weeks (since Dec. 28th). Add another 19 days at the same rate and we get roughly 61,000 for the month of January. That’s half what New York saw in December (and is not consistent with 7,000 new enrollees per day).