Chris Christie is an amateur

An event like Chris Christie’s traffic jam is the Internet’s version of bread and circuses. What the Democrats’ left-wing activists have learned is that most of the time the Web’s political media beasts are sleeping. It’s most opportune during those periods of non-attention to use modern media technology not just to hit one’s opponents, but to drive them from politics.


ALEC is the American Legislative Exchange Council, a right-of-center group of state legislators who gather to compare notes on public-policy issues. The group’s ultimate goal is to create templates for bills to enact their policy ideas, such as reforming state public-pension obligations.

Because this process gets laws passed, the left has created organizations whose job is to take down ALEC by frightening its financial supporters.

In December, articles appeared on progressive websites attacking Google, Facebook and Yelp for participating in ALEC’s annual conference last year. The Web giants wanted to explore various Internet legal issues with the state legislators. …