Why doesn't the west care about Syria?

In general, the reports from Syria have moved from the front pages of leading media outlets to their inside pages. The use of chemical weapons was the only thing that shifted the public opinion spotlight for a while to what is going on there, and that was only because of the historic memory from World War I.

Assad, whose hands are stained with blood up to his shoulders, even got a friendly pat on the shoulder when he agreed to destroy his chemical abilities. And why did he agree? Because for a tiny moment, for one second, he thought Obama was ready to use force against him. And all he understands is the language of force. It’s not Putin’s compromise diplomacy which led the Syrian regime to give up on its chemical weapons, but Obama’s threat diplomacy. And a little fear of the edgy Israel.

And where is Israel? We have also developed a thick skin. We are also no longer shocked by the murder of another 800 Syrians, including children, including women, on one single weekend. True, Israel’s special situation prevents it from aiding the victims of the Syrian massacre apart from taking the injured into its hospitals, which is being done generously. True, Syria is an enemy state. And yet, our representatives in all international institutions should incessantly and tirelessly put the killing sprees of the Syrian regime on the agenda, even if we look and sound like a voice crying in the wilderness.