Surprise: Egyptian election monitors see ballot-stuffing, bribes in vote on new constitution

More than 268 complaints have been made according to the Egyptian National Council for Human Rights, the largest organization taking part in the Egyptian Coalition to Observe the Elections (ECOE), but many more have complaints have streamed in from the more than 50 smaller groups taking part in monitoring the vote.

An overview of their findings show the extent to which the vote on Egypt’s new constitution has become a battleground between pro-military groups urging a “yes” vote on the constitution as an endorsement of Egypt’s military-led government, and the pro-Muslim Brotherhood groups who have attempted to disrupt the vote, which they see as part of an illegal, military-led coup of the country. Egyptian army chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, is widely expected to run for president if the voter turnout on the Egyptian constitution is higher than that of previous votes, an action he said will show him that the Egyptian people have given him a mandate to run for office.

Egyptians who wanted to go to the polls these last two days, had to contend with bribes from both sides of the political spectrum in cases described to BuzzFeed Wednesday.