When the right to religion conflicts with a changing society

“There are a number of people who really believe that we’ve lost our moral center when it comes to matters of sexuality and gender,” he says. “And they have pretty good reasons for that — I just think the cure is not abridging people’s freedom, but coming to a more expansive understanding of what being in a civil democracy is about.”

At Masterpiece Cakeshop, the fight continues. Phillips has appealed his case on religious-liberty grounds. But what if he loses and the courts say he must provide cakes for same-sex ceremonies?

“I won’t provide the service. It goes against my core beliefs, and I can’t be forced to do something against my will, regardless of what the law says,” Phillips says.

He knows he could face fines or even lose his business license, but he says, “That’s a small price to pay for my faith and for my citizenship.”