Colorado already dealing with pot shortages

In Colorado, if you sell both medical and recreational marijuana, you can’t just transfer it over. Those plants have to remain separate, under separate licenses. That means if you’re out of your recreational, you can’t just start selling your medi-pot as recreational. Nearly everyone interviewed for this story estimates it’ll take eight months to a year for the supply side to consistently meet demand…

Right now, she adds, the closest location to Vail currently selling recreational marijuana is in Breckenridge, a 45-minute drive. “People have driven 45 minutes for weed before,” says Murri, noting that if you really want the legal recreational-weed experience, it probably won’t be a big deal to drive for it.

“I certainly think [marijuana] will be widely available next season, and that the prices will go down,” as well, once the supply side is figured out, Murri adds.

Her advice if you intend to go to Colorado for legal weed now? “Call ahead. If you go to Vail, plan to drive to Breckenridge.”