Will Chris Christie apologize?

The problems for Christie and his presidential ambitions are obvious. The scandal is cinematic, amusing, and repeatable, which means it won’t go away. Any of Christie’s opponents in 2016 can refer to it at any time. New reporters will now be assigned to the Christie dirt-digging beat. It will be a stone in Christie’s shoe as he endures the already irritating process of lugging himself across the country to campaign for the nomination.

The story also confirms the existing stereotype that Christie is a bully from a state known for playing rough and being ethically loose. It raises questions about just what kind of operation Christie is running and whether he can be trusted. Christie has dismissed questions about the bridge issue and said—at least before the latest revelations—that no one in his office knew about it. Also, this would appear to close off Christie’s lane to the high road (sorry). How can he say things like this from now on? “We watch a Congress at war with itself because they are unwilling to leave campaign-style politics at the Capitol’s door.”