The GOP's midterm enthusiasm advantage, in two charts

The latest sign comes in a new Pew Research Center poll released Tuesday that shows the midterm enthusiasm battle is tilted in the GOP’s favor. Sixty-three percent of Republicans say they are looking forward to the midterm elections, compared to just 53 percent of Democrats.

That’s roughly on par with January of 2010, the year Republicans made historic gains in the U.S. House. Back then, Pew found that 60 percent of Republicans were looking forward to the midterms; 50 percent of Democrats said the same thing.

What matters more is how those registered to vote feel. On that front, Republicans have an advantage, too. Thirty-six percent of Republican voters said they are very or extremely enthusiastic about voting for Congress, according to a December CNN/ORC International poll. Just 22 percent of Democratic voters said the same thing.