"So Rachel Maddow’s entire segment was one big lie"

In an email dated January 3–follow the link above–Koch asked MSNBC to retract, and apologize for, Maddow’s fabrications. Instead of correcting her misrepresentations, Maddow, in her show on Friday, triumphantly refused, saying “I don’t play requests.” Or, in other words, “I lie with impunity, and MSNBC gives me cover.” The left-wing echo chamber swooned. Daily Kos–remember them?–headlined, “Rachel Maddow Speaks Truth to Powerful Koch Brothers.” Raw Story’s sycophantic take was, “Maddow scorches Koch brothers on ‘correction’ demand: ‘I don’t play requests.’” So if you are a left-winger, blatant lies about conservatives make you a hero.

But the corruption goes deeper still. Rachel Maddow says that any company that supports the State Policy Network is “affiliated with” the Florida Foundation for Government Accountability, and is responsible for everything FFGA does. That is wrong, but let’s go with it. Who else, besides Koch, has supported the State Policy Network? You might be surprised: the list includes Microsoft, Facebook, AT&T, Time Warner Cable, GlaxoSmithKline, Kraft Foods, and many more. So Maddow randomly singled out Koch as opposed to any of these other companies as the sponsor of the Florida legislation which, as far as we know, Koch wasn’t even aware of. Well, not randomly, because MSNBC is obsessed with Koch, but you get the point.

But wait! A final level of deception remains to be revealed: one of the many companies that have contributed to the State Policy Network is Comcast, which owns MSNBC and is Rachel Maddow’s employer.