Google Glass and the end of racism

What Google Glass or something like it will make possible is real-time, relevant intelligence on every human being whom we encounter. When it will becomes possible to possess that kind of information, then the reasons for employing shortcuts such as race, sex, and religion to judge people will be far less compelling. Human beings will have the opportunity, truly, to be judged on the bases of their individual actions and on the impact their actions and choices have had upon other people. Certainly, such information will be corrupted to some degree by the contributions of vindictive persons or various cranks and trolls, but as it accumulates it should be more reliable as a corpus.

This kind of social evolution will raise other interesting questions. For example, how much of racial, ethnic, and religious identity is based on a self-defensive solidarity? If individuals come to feel that they are dealt with justly on the basis of the reality of the lives they live and the decisions they make, will they continue to look to various crusaders to defend them as members of a group? How would the ideological landscape change? How would individuals reconsider their behavior as they interact with others? Would the combination of Google Glass plus social rating cause a great resurgence of interest in virtue? Would human beings return to religion in an attempt to become more virtuous, to become better people? Would workplace laws change? Would various civil protections become irrelevant and unnecessary?