If you like your aerobics instructor, you can keep your aerobics instructor

As I envision it, all Americans would be issued Exercise Identification Cards. (Those here illegally would be exempt because such cards could be used to discriminate. Federal employees, elected officials and certain unions would also be granted waivers.) All gyms would be inspected and required to upgrade to government-approved equipment, and all exercise instructors would have to be trained and licensed under Federal Aerobic Targets guidelines. However, those already belonging to facilities would be “grandfathered” into the program. In other words, if you like your gym, you can keep your gym. Period.

Those who are physically unable to exercise (as determined by government-trained workers who will examine such claims) will be able to go to FAT’s website and exchange their exercise points with others under a systems to be determined within each state. These state exchanges will devise rules specific to the needs of its citizens. (However, the federal government will monitor those rules to be certain the states’ programs do not deviate in a substantive way from the national program.)