"The reason that al-Maliki does not listen to Obama ...is because America has no leverage. America evacuated."

Instead, Obama decided for political reasons that he would evacuate and call it a great victory. He ended the war, but he ended the war in a way that liquidated our gains. The war was won when Obama came into office; al Qaeda was completely decimated. The Anbar Sunnis, who are now under attack, had had turned against al Qaeda, joined the infidel — us — in defeating al Qaeda. And al-Maliki had taken all the extremists Shiites in Basra and all the way up into Baghdad as a demonstration of how he is a nationalist and not just a sectarian. All of this happening, what we needed was an agreement and a presence. Obama liquidated it and as a result he has created a vacuum in which Iran has come in, al Qaeda is strong. Not only now in Iraq, but also in Syria and it is a catastrophe.