Belief in God doesn't undermine evolution

Prominent atheist Richard Dawkin’s describes the belief that God influenced evolution as an attempt to “(smuggle) God in by the backdoor.” Ironically, Young Earth creationists share Dawkin’s disdain claiming that accepting evolution undermines literal biblical teachings by regarding the creation story as a parable or allegory.

Perhaps Dawkin’s doesn’t know that Charles Darwin himself never said that evolution had to be Godless or directionless. Nothing about evolution disproves God or religion. It is simply a sound scientific understanding of our origins. It doesn’t prove nor disprove a God claim.

The Young Earth creationists should also stop using religion as a wedge against science, by trying to misleadingly fit science into preconceived biblical narrative.

The atheists and religious should not present an either-or proposition between belief in God and acceptance of evolution. It does not have to be one or the other.

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