Democrats target Christie for flip-flop on college financial aid for illegals

American Bridge, a Democratic super PAC, is pouncing on Christie for not supporting a bill passed in the Democratic-controlled state Senate that would grant in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants.

ABC News got a sneak peak of a new video the group is out with, which highlights Christie pledging support for in-state tuition for undocumented students at both a gubernatorial debate and the Latino Leadership Alliance gala in October, less than a month before his landslide re-election victory where he received 51 percent of the Hispanic vote.

It then shows Christie in a radio interview last week where he said he would not support the bill, known as the New Jersey DREAM Act. The video also includes a scathing editorial from the New Jersey Star-Ledger on Sunday that said Christie did a “flip flop” because his eyes are now set on 2016. The video ends with footage of Christie campaigning for Steve King in Iowa in 2012 with Christie saying to the audience: “Steve King, that’s a guy I choose to stand with.”

American Bridge is not putting any money behind the video right now.