Bill Clinton: The damage to Democrats over ObamaCare rollout failure will be "minimal"

“I believe that if the computer problems are all fixed, and it’s up and running by — and healthy in the next several weeks, I think that the damage will be minimal,” Mr. Clinton told interviewer Jorge Ramos of Fusion. “It’s getting better. I think it’ll be fixed by — in the next few weeks. If it’s worked through, I think within four or five months people will be talking about something entirely differently.”

Mr. Clinton last month urged the president to make good on his promise that Americans could keep their health-care plans if they liked them. Within days, Mr. Obama offered a solution that allows many consumers whose policies were being canceled to keep their current health-care plan for one year. …

“No, no. I waited for him to say that he felt badly about it,” Mr. Clinton said. “But the truth is the law that he signed did grandfather in the policies that were in existence when he signed the law. And the insurance industry gets rid of these individual policies all the time. So I think he’s trying to go beyond what he pledged to do.”