"I would shoot it down, ordinance or no, I would shoot it down"

He tells me he spent 14 years in the Army as a Psychological Warfare officer. I asked him what that meant and he summed it up as “propaganda.” And he says he’s using that experience in what he more euphemistically calls “marketing” to get the word out about drones. “I wouldn’t say that I’m a fear monger; I’m trying to illuminate an imminent threat that is on the horizon,” he says. “The perception in the absence of fact becomes reality.”

Basically, he’s creating a farce to make his central point: What does the mass proliferation of drones mean for privacy? For property rights? If a drone flies within 1,000 feet of a person’s airspace, is that a trespass? These are the questions the FAA will have to deal with as it makes recommendations for commercial drone use.