Why I've promised to help my beautiful daughter take her own life

As we drove on, my hands gripped the steering wheel and I knew with certainty that there was only one suitable response I could give as a loving parent. ‘Yes. When that time comes, I will help.’

‘But what if I can’t afford it, Mum?’ she replied.

Without hesitation, I told her that I will do anything within my power, sell my house if needs be, to help end her suffering if it has become intolerable.

I know my decision might split opinion, but to me the issue is simple.

No mother wants to see her child suffer in unimaginable pain and I am no different. The last thing I want is to lose her, but if the end is near and she is suffering needlessly, then I will do anything to help. Even if that means helping to hasten her death.

And I would be failing her as a mother if I wasn’t by her side in those moments.