Obama's goal: Avoid a "Mission Accomplished" moment on the website this weekend

But Democrats on Capitol Hill have their own nightmare scenario, too: The White House gives them nothing to brag about, no evidence that the site is actually better — just as some of the most vulnerable Democrats are getting ready to blast the administration if they’re not convinced it’s fixed.

That leaves the administration with two jobs ahead of the deadline Saturday when the federal Obamacare enrollment website is supposed to be fixed — or at least useable for most Americans. They’ll tiptoe to avoid declaring victory on the site too soon, but still give those vulnerable Democrats something to seize.

There’s no way the administration could declare victory anyway, since it just suffered the embarrassment of another “what now?” announcement the day before Thanksgiving — the one-year delay of online enrollment for small businesses in federally run health insurance exchanges. Instead, it will just have to make the most of whatever improvements it can show in the enrollment website for individuals.