What we learned after 11 days of analyzing Martin Bashir and MSNBC

So in MSNBC President Phil Griffin’s eyes, if the people he believes make up his primary audience aren’t offended by Bashir’s comments, then it’s a case of no harm, no foul. Forget how this entire episode makes the network look to some: Unprofessional, unprincipled, disorganized, deplorable, inconsistent, indecisive and a rudderless ship without a captain…this is about protecting its sole narrative: Republicans are stupid, uncaring and racist…and therefore deserve whatever creative criticism progressive anchors, hosts and contributors can dish out.

But remember, if an MSNBC host or anchor strays from the narrative and attacks a Hillary, a Chelsea, a former employee, gays or minorities…WELL, they better have that suntan lotion packed for the kind of long, two-week vacation a nice suspension can provide.

After 11 long days, the Martin Bashir-Sarah Palin adventure appears to be over.

Accountability and authority were never invited to the party.