America has a right to an ObamaCare refund

As a nation, we need to decide how important honesty is. If dishonesty is employed to achieve a goal, do we just say, “OK, you put one over on us,” or do we address the solution legislatively, as we would in a civil case? What we have done with Obamacare is similar to boarding an airplane and then finding out that there are some severe mechanical problems about which we were not previously informed. We are then told that we cannot get off the plane once we’ve boarded and, therefore, everyone needs to help fix the problem and stop complaining. Obviously, we cannot stand for such outrageous behavior.

Fortunately, there are signs that the media are beginning to awaken and assume their duty of objective reporting. We must all realize that if we accept corruption as a means to an end, we will soon be like well-known radical elements in the world who feel that lying, cheating and even killing by beheading is OK and will even be rewarded in heaven, as long as these acts are perpetrated against the enemy.

We are better than this. We must reject the notion that slick political maneuvering and dishonesty are inevitable in government and must be tolerated. We no more need to tolerate such things than we need to tolerate tyranny. The choice is ours. Let us call upon our leaders and representatives to change the culture to one of trust and decency consistent with our Judeo-Christian values. If they refuse, we the people must remove them from office, which is our duty to ourselves and to our progeny.