Tea party unscathed in early GOP civil war

The establishment has had at least one success. Lisa Lisker and compliance firm Huckaby Davis Lisker are winding down the work they do for the SCF, according to a source familiar with the situation. The firm does work for many Republican entities, including her partner Stan Huckaby, who serves as treasurer to the NRSC.

But Matt Hoskins, the fund’s executive director, said the establishment “bullying” isn’t going to make the group change course. They are still going to run straight at sitting Republicans they don’t deem sufficiently conservative.

“It’s sad that Mitch McConnell is now bullying bookkeepers in his quest for power, but it won’t stop us. Mitch McConnell refuses to fight for conservative principles and it’s time for a change,” Hoskins said. “Lisa Lisker has been a valuable part of our team, but we understand that her livelihood was at risk. We hope to be able to work with her again after Mitch McConnell is defeated.”

GOP-ers say it’s not surprising the party committees and others are trying to push back.

“They’re trying to kill the king, basically,” said former National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Tom Davis of SCF trying to unseat McConnell.