Progressive group ready to challenge Hillary from the left

“Elizabeth Warren is the North Star of where our party should be going and is going,” Green said in a phone interview, citing Warren’s work on student loans, her introduction of a new Glass-Steagall Act earlier this year, and a speech she delivered last week that advocated for the expansion of Social Security.

“Even without running, Warren will change the conversation around Hillary Clinton’s candidacy,” Green said. “We want to make it a prerequisite that Clinton take a stance on Social Security, on Glass-Steagall. I don’t see a scenario where there’s not chatter about Elizabeth Warren, and where Hillary Clinton is not forced to articulate her positions on those issues.”

If Clinton doesn’t, said Green, PCCC members will attend her town hall meetings and “ask the same questions over and over again until they get an answer.”

“We are in the initial stages of talking about a deep organizing strategy that will make sure everyone running for president has to say whether they support Warren’s positions on issues like Social Security,” he added.