Obama tells aides: Forget trying to win positive ObamaCare coverage from the national press

President Barack Obama has bungled HealthCare.gov so badly that he’s told senior aides to not even try to win positive coverage from the national press.

Instead, they’re going local.

In the past month, Obama and his Cabinet have hit nine of the top 10 cities with the highest concentration of the uninsured, while senior administration officials have held almost daily reporter conference calls in nearly a dozen states to challenge Republican governors who refuse to expand Medicaid…

Obama, thin-skinned about media coverage of his presidency and often frustrated by the White House press corps, knows a few favorable local headlines is as good as it gets these days. He made a rare public admission during his Nov. 14 press conference that his aides found strikingly candid for the image-conscious president: the media have been justifiably hard on him.