Congress will give the president time on Iran -- but not much

“[Sen.] Dianne Feinstein, for example, put out a strong statement today — she’s chair of the Intelligence Committee — she supports the arrangement by the president and his team and, of course, John Kerry. Sen. McCain was cautiously optimistic,” Reid pointed out.

“When we come back we will take a look at this to see if we need stronger sanctions … [we] will study this, [we] will hold hearings if necessary, and if we need work on this, if we need stronger sanctions, I am sure we will do that,” he added.

Significantly, Reid’s comments appear to have come after he consulted with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “I have spoken to him about this — he being PM Netanyahu — of course they are concerned. That’s why I have indicated that I will take a look at this when I get back, all aspects of it. But we all have to acknowledge that it’s an important first step,” Reid said.

While Reid is typically loathe to break with Obama, at least openly, he also has a strong relationship with Netanyahu, one source close to the leader said, and it appears he’s trying to find a way forward that balances those two loyalties.