Will Howard Dean pinch hit for Elizabeth Warren in 2016?

Dean, the liberal, anti-Wall Street former governor of Vermont, isn’t so sure he should be the one to do it in 2016 — you have to “have real fire” to run for president, especially twice, he says — but, with mixed feelings about Hillary Clinton and amidst demand for a candidate to her left, he isn’t ruling anything out.

“You never say never,” Dean said in a recent interview at a Burlington coffee shop. After all, he noted, at a party this summer celebrating his presidential campaign’s 10-year anniversary, there was a feeling in the room that he should do it all over again. …

Dean hadn’t read the article in the New Republic that sparked runaway speculation earlier this month about a possible Elizabeth Warren presidential campaign — headline: “Hillary’s Nightmare” — but he argued that Clinton, already the presumed frontrunner, will face a primary challenge from the left.

“She’s definitely going to have a primary. Who’s going to let an open seat pass by?” Dean said, but denied he had any interest in being that candidate.

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