Mary Cheney and the death of family ties

When people talk about the breakdown of the traditional family unit, I suppose this what they mean. It has nothing to do with gay marriage — but everything to do about putting selfishness and individualism ahead of the collective good of the family name.

Putting personal political views ahead of blood relatives (I get that Mary is now married — and this constitutes her new family) seems like a relatively new phenomenon. This is partly because of social media (all Mary Cheney had to do was get angry and sign on to Facebook), but, my guess is this has something to do with our new individualistic world — and the fact that expectations of familial loyalty are diminished.

Can you imagine RFK speaking out publicly against JFK during his Senate campaign? What would Joe Kennedy have done?

Here’s how it works. Inside the family, you can fight all you want. Outside the family? Not so much. You hold your tongue. Circle the wagons.

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