Insurance brokers wonder: Will I get paid for signing people up for ObamaCare plans?

Some brokers are waiting for the site to be fixed before they deal with clients using it. But those that are sticking with the arduous online enrollment journey are facing a new question: Will I get paid for this?

“It’s almost like they don’t like the insurance agents being involved. That’s what it feels like,” said Kelly Fristoe, a broker from Wichita Falls, Texas.

Brokers say their clients are having trouble entering the right ID numbers in the balky website — and that’s what’s needed for the health plan to pay them.

Agents who have completed training and registration for the federal marketplace can help individuals and small businesses sign up for exchange plans. Federal navigators and in-person assisters are also trained to help. But brokers say they’ve been dealing with insurance for years, and have expertise that lets them walk clients through the complicated new health plan terrain and explain it at a level that will really help people understand the specifics of their options.

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