"[I]f I ever decide to run for anything again and being me isn’t good enough, then fine, I’ll go home"

“It’s about human relationships, the fact of the matter is nobody in this city talks to each other anymore and if they do talk to each other it’s not civilly. They don’t develop relationships, they don’t develop any sense of trust between each other,” Christie said at the Wall Street Journal’s annual CEO Council conference.

In an almost 40-minute question and answer session with the Wall Street Journal’s Editor in Chief Gerard Baker, he asked Christie what he would change in Washington. Christie didn’t hesitate answering, “The people, predominantly.”

“You have to compromise at times,” Christie said, who is just coming off of a landslide victory in New Jersey. “If I walk away with 70 percent of my agenda, then New Jersey is 70 percent better than it would have been otherwise.”

He blamed President Obama because “he has not developed the relationships that are necessary on a personal level on both sides of the aisle,” but said “what we have unfortunately in Washington on both sides of the aisle at times are absolutists.”

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