Jeb Bush swore by his own conservative credentials and said that he’s a “practicing” conservative who would put his record “up against anybody that’s in Congress right now” in a question-and-answer session in New York City Monday night.

Bush also told the crowd at the 92nd St. Y that he hasn’t yet had a family conversation about whether he’ll run for president in 2016. “I have not gotten advice and I have not sought it yet. There’s a time to make a decision and you shouldn’t make it too early. This is not the time for me. This is the time for me to show a little self-restraint.”…

“You just attacked me by calling me a moderate,” Bush said with mock outrage, before turning more serious. “I am temperate in my tone I hope. I don’t change my message to any group. I was brought up to be temperate … It’s OK to have a tone that’s not nasty or mean-spirited.”

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