GOP: No cover for Democrats on ObamaCare vote

Public opposition to the law has risen since the rollout of the exchanges, and Republicans believe they may have an opening on the law similar to the one they saw in 2010, when frustration with the passage of the Affordable Care Act helped drive Republicans to the polls in droves and deliver the party the majority.

McCleary, who was at the NRCC during that Republican wave, said now that ObamaCare is a reality it “has the potential to be even more potent in 2014 than it was in 10.”

“Democrats in competitive seats could see themselves washed out to sea,” he said.

It’s a striking change of fortune for a party facing record-low approval ratings just a month ago. McCleary said he met with a number of Republican strategists Friday morning and they were elated at the recent developments.

“The hangover from the shutdown has been erased,” he said.

Democrats believe, however, that Republicans will botch upcoming fiscal talks and undo any of the advantages they’ve gained, with the first deadline, to pass a continuing resolution to fund the government, coming on Jan. 15.

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