A year of poor decisions shows it's time for a change at the top of MSNBC

…that Martin Bashir still has a job.

It’s a consistent, disturbing theme at MSNBC: Griffin allowing anchors to say just about anything without consequences. Could you imagine if Neil Cavuto or Jake Tapper, who occupy the same timeslot on Fox and CNN, respectively, suggested anyone s*it in anyone’s mouth on national television, as Bashir did last week?

And it’s not as he’s killing it in the ratings. Day after day, Bashir easily owns the lowest-rated show in his timeslot among the big three. If Griffin were smart, he’d use this episode as an excuse to get rid of Bashir. But as of this writing (Sunday evening), nothing has been said or done. No suspensions have been handed down. Maybe Bashir will announce his punishment in Politico…

Is Griffin simply afraid to confront his hosts, or is he more interested in any kind of publicity, good or bad, integrity be damned?

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