If you like your monster, you can keep it

The Democrats are now trapped inside the castle watching the line of torches slowly snake up toward Capitol Hill in the gathering darkness. They embraced Baron Von Obama’s repeated lies about Obamacare and his inept handling of every aspect of its launch and all the terror of the Obamacare creature, and they’re beginning to sense there is no escape.

They know that 5 million peasants have lost their health insurance. They know millions more will see steep premium increases during the 2014 election year. They know the promise of “You can keep your doctor” is as false as that about keeping one’s health plan. They know yesterday’s “transitional fix” humble-pie press conference won’t slow the crash. They also know Barack Obama is nearly a spent force, his credibility and competence now in increasing doubt.

Just a few weeks ago, it was confidently declared that not only would Democrats recapture the House in 2014, but they would hold and increase their Senate majority. The GOP might as well pack up, because they would never hold power again. Obamacare would be the political wind beneath the wings of Democrats for a hundred years. “Of course Democrats would run on it!”

Odd that we’re not hearing much of that triumphalism today. The monster of Obamacare isn’t just dysfunctional, it’s destructive. Americans know it.

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