Why Republicans should fear "Ready for Hillary"

A presidential campaign in the second decade of the 21st century resembles a billion-dollar start-up business with satellite operations in all 50 states. Years of preparation are needed to plan, plot, finance, organize, message, build the grass roots and IT infrastructure, manage the media and social media, and precisely target-market millions of potential customers known as voters.

This flurry of activity is happening as Clinton, the presumptive CEO, has not even officially signed on and, in a weird twist from a normal business startup, also happens to be the “product.”

Eventually, and probably no later than early 2015, when the CEO as product officially signs on, Ready for Hillary will morph into something like “Ready to Roll.”

It is a given that Hillary’s presidential announcement event will suck up every ounce of media bandwidth on the planet. However, far more damaging will be the operational business of Hillary 2016 Inc., with electoral advantages roughly equivalent to what GOP candidates would have faced if they were running against an incumbent president.

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