It’s the Democrats, not the GOP, facing a looming civil war

Not so the Democrats. Flush with victories of their opponents’ making in recent years, they have gotten a little fat and lazy, and now they’re overreaching.

Terry McAuliffe was cruising to a double-digit win in Virginia — only to have Obamacare raise its ugly head and nearly snatch victory away at the last minute.

In New York City, voters elected an unreconstructed old-school liberal from the days of Austin Powers. New Yorkers are not nearly the doctrinaire liberals that many people tend to believe. They like politicians who make their sprawling, unruly city work. Just as soon as the crime, trash piles and taxes start rising, they will be ready to throw Bill DiBlasio out.

Democrats in the Senate realize the trouble they are in, which is why they marched down to the White House last week to blast President Obama over the political stink bomb of a health care law that he has dumped into their laps just in time for their 2014 re-election campaigns.

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