Stuxnet infected ... the International Space Station?

Eugene Kapersky, co-founder of the computer security research company Kapersky Labs, told an audience at the National Press Club of Australia last week Thursday that Russian cosmonauts carried a USB stick infected with the virus onto the space station.

“The space guys from time-to-time are coming with USBs, which are infected,” said Kapersky.

“I’m not kidding,” he said, “I was talking to Russian space guys and they said, ‘Yeah, from time-to-time there are viruses on the space station.”

“Kaspersky doesn’t give any details about when the infection he was told about took place,” reports International Business Times, “but it appears as if it was prior to May of this year when the United Space Alliance, the group which oversees the operation of the ISS, moved all systems entirely to Linux to make them more “stable and reliable.”

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