No, the French aren't Europe's most cultured people

In fact, for all of the rivalry in Europe between London and Paris as the hubs of culture, both would do well to be looking at Stockholm instead.

Despite being home to world-famed museums like the Louvre or Musee D’Orsay, only 39 percent of the French visited a museum in the last year, compared to 52 percent in the UK. In Sweden, 76 percent have. The EU average: 37 percent.

Only 21 percent of the French had gone to the theater, compared to 39 percent of Britons in the past year. Overall in the EU, 28 percent had.

The French did beat out the British on attending ballet, dance, or opera, with 25 percent having gone to one of those events in the last year. Only 22 percent in the UK had, compared to 18 percent of EU residents on average. Again, Sweden tops the ranking at 34 percent.

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