How Chris Christie stacks up to Rudy Giuliani

This quality, shared by both men, has bedeviled Christie at times over the past few years as the national spotlight on him has intensified.

Christie has blown up at the most routine of critics, even personally calling a former White House physician who commented on potential health risks his weight might pose. He was enraged over the negativity surrounding his Republican National Convention speech in 2012.

Giuliani never took lightly to criticism while he was in office, often belittling reporters and calling news editors himself to scream over objectionable headlines. But by the time he ran for president, he was less prickly.

Giuliani was also mostly shielded from the toughest coverage by his aides during the pre-Twitter era. Christie, by contrast, follows a lot of his own press.

But while New Jersey is covered by two media markets, New York City and Philadelphia, it doesn’t actually have one of its own. And while he may not view it that way, his press has largely been positive.

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