The secret diary of 9/11 mastermind Abu Zubaydah

Arriving in Peshawar to begin jihadi training

19 January 1991

We arrived yesterday morning; we are in Peshawar.

The system here, as we have learned later on, is as follows:

First: the services office; it is an office that handles jihad matters and Arab mujahedin’s organisation as well as support to both Arab and Afghani mujahedin. From that office branches many houses for the incoming mujahedin from outside Afghanistan, Arabs and others. The spiritual atmosphere here is good.

Some came to train for a short period and go back just to be prepared. Others are here for jihad and until God decides for something to be done.Some are young; their beards or moustache have not appeared yet. Others are old in their fifties or more. Also, the idea of settling here is enticing me and I cannot seem to control it.

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