The single-woman society

Rarely has such obvious pandering been flung at a targeted demographic by the shovelful, but evidently the single female demographic doesn’t mind obvious pandering. It seems impossible to patronize them to the point of irritation, not even during the equally ridiculous Sandra Fluke saga, in which the nominal cost of birth control was transformed into a civil-rights tragedy by a professional activist posing as a student… an activist who later admitted she didn’t know how much birth control actually cost, after rising to fame for touting a figure that was about 1000 percent high. The whole thing was comically, transparently artificial, but it worked like a charm.

The single female demographic doesn’t get hung up on details. Another of the new liberal icons, Wendy Davis of Texas, couldn’t answer basic questions about the abortion legislation she opposed with a purportedly heroic filibuster. Now she’s claiming she is actually kinda sorta “pro life” when you think about it. This is true of all the emotional appeals directed at single female society – lack of knowledge is not only overshadowed by passionate conviction, it can be a point of pride. Critics who dwell on the fine print are portrayed as somehow dishonest, using tricksy legalistic nitpicks to injure great idealistic crusades. The liberal hero of the hour cares so very, very much that they cannot be bothered to learn what anything costs, or explore the ramifications of the laws they champion.

Soothing assurances are taken at face value, with the help of media “fact checkers” who suddenly forget basic math and reasoning skills. ”If you like your plan, you can keep your plan, period!” It’s surreal to recall, in the middle of the ObamaCare meltdown, that one of the program’s major selling points was how it would make life easier on everyone. It was supposed to be trouble-free, inconveniencing no one, bringing one-click online shopping convenience to the intimidating business of purchasing health care. Never mind that for better than 80 percent of the population, health care was something that comes more or less automatically with employment.