What's wrong with the NFL?

The NFL is the league of chronic degenerative injuries and grotesquely crippled stars, such as Jim McMahon, who can’t remember his name just 25 years after playing quarterback in the Super Bowl.

The NFL is the league of thug bullies such as suspended Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito, who allegedly extorted money, texted racist insults and made death threats to a younger teammate. It’s the league of $15,000 stripper parties in Las Vegas, paid for by intimidated, hazed rookies who don’t make the trip but pay the check even if it busts them.

The NFL is the league where, a year ago, greedy owners planned union-crushing lockouts and pulled it off. It’s the league where owners gang up to enforce collusion and punish Washington with a $36 million salary cap penalty because it didn’t go along.

The NFL is the workaholic league of coaches who know 100-hour weeks are expected — to the point of self-destructive obsession. On Sunday, Gary Kubiak had a minor stroke and collapsed as he walked off the field; just two days earlier John Fox, who had heart surgery Monday, collapsed on an off day when he took a break to play golf.

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