How ObamaCare widens the chasm between D.C. and flyover country

HHS is located in what cynically could be called the Obamacare Triangle. Within a mile in opposite directions are the White House, where the health-care bill was signed into law, and the offices of Enroll America, an entity led by two former White House staffers to mobilize volunteers to micro-target people to sign up for coverage.

They are backed by an advisory council that boasts the AARP, the NAACP and the Service Employees

International Union, whose members (funded by millions in donations from unions and corporations) have held door-to-door Obamacare signups in political-battleground states since Oct. 1.

It is staggering to consider that, within a brisk walk of each other, so much money, power and influence is amassed – and even more staggering to consider the impact these have on our lives.

Those lives are not anecdotes but knee-weakening realities, as in the case of Genevieve Ward of Belle Vernon.

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