Christie: It's inevitable that people will see my victory on Tuesday as a message nationally

Asked by O’Donnell if it’s fair to say that Christie, who is widely seen as a 2016 presidential contender on the GOP side, is planning for a message that extends beyond New Jersey, Christie replied, “I’m not planning for it, I just think it’s inevitable.”

In the interview, which aired on “Meet the Press,” Christie added, “I think you people look at elections, and they try to discern things from them about what they mean at that moment and what they mean for the future. And I think that what people are going to see is so unusual for what our party has created in the last couple of years that invariably people are going to draw lessons from it and I hope they do.”

Christie supporters see a contrast between his win-in-a-blue-state message as a governor and the dysfunction that has engulfed Washington, especially around the defund-Obamacare efforts that led to the government shutdown.

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