Media Matters chief calls on "60 Minutes" to retract Benghazi report

David Brock, the Clinton ally who led the public effort to pressure CNN and NBC out of their Hillary-related film projects, is set to send a letter to the chairman and president of CBS News calling on them to retract a recent “60 Minutes” segment on the attacks in Benghazi.

In the letter, a draft of which was obtained by POLITICO, Brock cites a new Washington Post report revealing that the “60 Minutes” witness had previously stated he was nowhere near the diplomatic compound the night of the attack.”

“The 60 Minutes story should be immediately retracted and an independent investigative committee needs to probe all aspects of how the story was reported,” Brock writes in his letter to CBS News chairman Jeff Fager and CBS News president David Rhodes.

Brock is the head of the pro-Hillary American Bridge super PAC and the founder of Media Matters For America, the liberal watchdog group.

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