Getting it right on ObamaCare

It’s not easy to discern exactly what Taranto is arguing here. His gnarled column is again and again constrained to acknowledge that my particular assessments and predictions has proven to be correct. But what is clear is that Taranto thinks that my $200 per month rate increase represents some much-deserved comeuppance.

Taranto’s “comeuppance” idea rests on two odd assumptions/insinuations. The first odd assumption is that I supported ACA and somehow therefore invited nemesis upon myself. Let the abundant record show I did not. The second, even odder assumption/insinuation is that I have been somehow cluelessly surprised by the ACA’s high costs. Any such surprise would be very negligent of me, since I’ve been writing about the higher taxes in the law since 2010 and have been paying them since January 2013.

Taranto’s larger point, however, is to vindicate those conservatives who advocated the massive resistance approach to the ACA. That would seem a tall order. The massive-resistance faction has pushed the Republican Party to disaster after disaster, culminating in the total fiasco of this year’s government shutdown and near national bankruptcy.

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