Why is Obama hiding Joe Biden?

But delaying the bill piecemeal instead of as a whole could actually be catastrophic. If (as is currently the case) there are strong disincentives for young and healthy people to pay into the system — such as by giving them more time to do so, or by running a website that only accepts your application after 800 tries — insurance companies are going to be forced to raise everybody’s premiums or go bankrupt to pay for all the additional sick people they are required to cover.

The “moderate” option backed by some Democrats would actually be more dangerous (for Obama, the Congressional Democrats up for re-election next year and the grand liberal project in general) than the “extreme” action of delaying the entire law for a year. Or maybe two, given that programming experts are saying the entire website needs to be rebuilt.

You can almost imagine Biden saying, “Listen, boss, I know you hate these guys — I do, too — but the Republicans actually have a point.” But he can’t say it, because Biden is afraid Obama will think of him the way Harry Reid has framed him — a Quisling.

So Biden will have to pass the time doing something else. Lucky for him that there are lots of Iowa state politicians who are trying to enjoy a simple World Series game at Applebee’s.