Unagi Travel, possibly the most adorable travel agency ever, has already granted dream vacations for over 200 stressed stuffed animals. You’ll get updates of your toy’s trip through Facebook photos, allowing you to live vicariously through your teddy bear or stuffed hippo. According to the company’s website, your toy can enjoy a trip to Tokyo, Kyoto, Tohoku, or even an intriguing “mystery tour.” (The cheapest option.)

Whatever your reason for wanting to use Unagi’s services, some people gain a lot from the experience. Japan News tells the story of one 51-year-old woman from Saga Prefecture. After her heath declined and walking became difficult she became a recluse, but that changed after she sent her animal abroad. “Seeing my stuffed animal traveling encouraged me,” said the woman. ”I began to think that I should do what I can do, instead of lamenting over things that I can’t.”

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