Will ObamaCare "tech surge" throw good money after bad?

Tech experts who spoke with FoxNews.com say that, like any good military strategy, this “surge” is not just about the number of soldiers, but how they’re used. The administration’s plan to enlist a team of experts and specialists from both the private and public sector could be a big waste of money if they aren’t used correctly.

“If you start throwing people in and start having them just fixing bugs it could be a recipe for disaster where you end up with more bugs than when you started,” explained James Turner, a member of the technical staff at software company Beeonics and contributing editor at O’Reilly.com. …

“If 55 contractors couldn’t successfully build, test and run a website, how do we expect anyone else to be able to do this?” Rep. Tim Murphy, R-Pa., said Thursday at a House committee hearing, where key contractors testified.

Murphy urged the government to “press pause” on the surge and find out first what went wrong, “before throwing good money after bad.”

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